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Surveying Services

We cover every aspect of land surveying for your site development needs. From ALTAs to As-Builts, Physicals, Boundaries, and Topographic Surveys – we do it all. Since our modest beginning as a land surveying company over fifty years ago, there are few places we haven’t already been, and our Land Surveyors and crews are highly skilled in every project type and survey need.

Each of our surveying teams is equipped with electronic total stations and data collectors with the capability of performing surveys in English measurements. We also house a complete Topcon GR3 GPS system for RTK surveying and office software for processing data and planning survey projects.

Core Capabilities

ALTA / ACSM Land Title surveys

An ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey (“ALTA Survey”) is a comprehensive boundary survey in which various issues are addressed that may be of concern to lenders, title companies and home owners. ALTA Surveys may show easements that may burden or benefit the property, possible encroachments across boundary lines or easements, access to a public street or lack thereof, zoning of the property along with setback requirements, as well as flood zones that may affect the property or location of any water boundaries of the property.

WPL performs over two-hundred physical surveys per year for real estate transactions. In addition, WPL performs ALTA Land Title Surveys for a wide range of clientele.

Topographic surveys

Topographic surveys are used to identify and map the contours of existing ground surfaces and features including trees, buildings, streets, utility poles, manholes, walkways, etc. This type of survey acts as a base map for the design of a residence, building, or an open space to show perimeter boundary lines and the lines of easements on or crossing the property being surveyed in order to accurately show zoning.

WPL performs topographic surveys of all sizes on properties ranging from larger tracts for schools and subdivision development to single residential lots. These surveys are performed to support our engineers and land planners as well as other engineering and architectural firms.

Volumetric Surveys

WPL has performed many volumetric surveys for private residential and commercial development to determine the amount of material which has been removed from a project site or to determine the quantity of stockpiled material.

Horizontal & Vertical Control Surveys

All of our surveys, with the exception of a residential physical survey, begin with a horizontal and vertical control survey. Our field crews run a traverse network around the project site recording angles and distances by both electronic means and manual field notes. Elevations are then transferred through the traverse points. This data is then downloaded at the office where it is checked and balanced prior to any further field data collection.


A survey Plat is a map drawn to scale showing the divisions of a piece (or parcel) of land. WPL prepares many types of plats including property line vacation, residential subdivision, and easement and acquisition plats.

Additional Capabilities

American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), together developed a set of land surveying standards with uniformity in survey information.
Are used during the middle of a construction project to show the improvement of the land at a particular point in time.
Boundary surveys locate the property lines and map out the border of a parcel of land described in a deed.
Involves staking out reference points to guide the construction of new buildings or roads.
Shows essential information from the plans only, scaled down to size 11” x 17”
Is a form to show the information needed to be in compliance with the floodplain management ordinance
Is a system used by surveyors to describe land and real property. Usually by text starting in a corner, going all the way around the property and ending in the same corner.
Is used by surveyors to determine the three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them.
This pamphlet was made to assist builders and field supervisors to be aware of the information pertinent to construction.
Is a plan to show the when a landowner or municipality divides a piece of land into smaller parcels.
Is a survey that records the terrain and three-dimensional quality of the surface of land, and identifies specific landforms.
Is an act set up to protect the Chesapeake Bay from any land that would drain into the Chesapeake Bay.