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Residential Site Design

Whether you’re planning to develop a new site or rejuvenate an existing garden, a new home landscape renovation can provide beauty, environmental benefits, and increased property values. Our goal is to take our clients idea for their space and transform it to increase the quality of the built environment while improving the value, function, appearance, and environmental quality of your outdoor environment and gardens. A well planned and executed garden design also provides an uplifting and rewarding space that further contributes toward positive feelings, well-being, and good health.


Northend Residence | Virginia Beach, Virginia

This residential project is located on 87th Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia. WPL was commissioned to assist with developing a new landscape plan for the front duplex on the property. The project goals included creating a level area directly in front of the house to accommodate a small seating area, maintain access to the storage under the front porch, and create a more welcoming feeling as guests arrive to the front of the home. WPL developed a site plan concept that incorporated the existing retaining wall into the design. A few additional stairs, a new paver walk and minor site grading, and a complementary planting design provided a more functional and beautiful space for this owners. Permeable pavers and additional planting areas were proposed to meet impervious cover requirements. The tiered landscape provides a sense of privacy for the homeowners while giving this home great curb appeal.