Witchduck Road | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Witchduck Road | Virginia Beach, Virginia2017-07-24T18:55:19+00:00

Project Description

WPL assisted the civil engineer with trail alignment, tree protection, and planting design for the new right-of-way margins and median of Witchduck Road. WPL performed identification and analysis of the existing vegetation in order to meld the proposed planting design into the existing pattern(s). In addition to the planting design, crosswalk details involving custom modular pavement sections and patterns are incorporated into the roadway improvements. Raised medians for traffic baffling are hardened and detailed as are the multi-purpose paths flanking both sides of the vehicular travel-way. In an unusual variation from the norm, residential properties on both sides of the proposed roadbed were acquired and vacated creating an instantaneous and wide park-like corridor. The roominess of the ultimate right-of-way allowed ample space for the paths to follow a symmetrical and horizontally undulating alignment. From the resulting series of constrictions and expansions on the ground plane, an experience of constantly changing exposures between vehicular and pedestrian traffic enriches the experience of both as they simultaneously traverse a pastoral setting within a very suburban framework.