Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center | Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Project Description

Phase One of this project began with a site selection process that involved the analysis of very fragile wetland environments. Innovative shoreline stabilization systems were utilized instead of traditional bulk heading and included the creation of tidal marsh flats, rip-rap embankments, Bermuda grass slopes, and erosion control fabrics. This system was used. The design process included master planning, site planning, site design, and environmental permitting for the Phase One building. Additional site planning and design were provided for the over-marsh walkway system that is a part of the Salt Marsh Habitat Exhibit. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center will be adding a pedestrian bridge over General Booth Boulevard that will serve as a beautiful gateway to the beach and a pedestrian link from the auxiliary parking lots to the aquarium building. The basket-handle bridge structure will touch down on either side of the boulevard with enclosures surrounding elevators and stairs. The landscape architects of WPL have designed an exciting series of colorful pavements, walks, planting layouts, and stamped asphalt figurines that will lead families on an interesting experience from their vehicles to the bridge. The sidewalks will display a meandering “ocean current” banding made of sea glass and colored concrete that will increase from blue ocean colors to the full rainbow spectrum as one approaches the bridge.