North Beach Hurricane and Dune Protection | Virginia Beach, Virginia

North Beach Hurricane and Dune Protection | Virginia Beach, Virginia2017-07-25T18:02:01+00:00

Project Description

WPL along with the Corps of Engineers and the Virginia Beach Public Works staff worked to gained consensus with the residents of the North End on the design and construction of thirty-one dune crossovers that were designed specifically for each linear site at the eastern end of each street. Through a public awareness process that involved interviews with key stakeholders such as the North Virginia Beach Civic League (NVBCL) and individual oceanfront property owners the design team was able to gain a complete understanding of the desired outcome from the project.

Critical issues included proposed dune design elevations, ramp configuration to avoid impacts, ADA compliance, types of pedestrian traffic, beach carts, and construction materials. Once these decisions were reached, the actual design effort on a street by street basis began. Each linear site was photographed, analyzed, inventoried and the entire project site was surveyed via aerial mapping from 58th street to 89th street. Preliminary concepts for each linear crossover were developed and shared with adjoining property owners. Ramps were designed to work with the landforms and to minimize impacts to existing trees, shrubs, and any ‘grandfathered encroachment” that existed. While the ramp design was proceeding, the dune augmentation design was underway bringing all the primary dune system to elevation 19.50 which was required for protection from a Category 2 hurricane.

Once each street’s conceptual design for the ramp configuration was completed, detailed design began on a site by site basis. The process continued as a design/build process with the proposed elevations for each site being developed from the prior day’s topographic survey. WPL would run a topographic survey of the site; bring the data into the office and the final design elevations were set and delivered back to the contractor the next day. The crossovers areas were sprigged with dune grass and other native salt tolerant plantings to blend the crossover system into the existing beach front environment.