Dukas Residence | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Dukas Residence | Virginia Beach, Virginia2017-07-25T18:02:01+00:00

Project Description

The Dukas Residence is an architectural monument resulting from a very unexpected construction process. After an unfortunate fire during the first construction of the home, the client and design team persevered to bring this home to life! Located in the Bishop’s Gate area of Kings Grant, the project site sits within many large trees and is surrounded by forested area.

WPL guided the client through the landscape design process utilizing extensive arboricultural tree preservation strategies to preserve many of the large specimen trees and surrounding woods. These technologies are not often seen on residential site, but are becoming more common practice requested by clients as we move towards a more sustainable approach to site design.

As this site sits within the Lynnhaven River watershed, the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act played a role in guiding the design principles for this site. The house was sited to obtain optimum solar orientation as well as take advantage of the beautiful views of the surrounding marshes. This architectural statement stands strong as a great example of how site-sensitive design approaches can weave together with our surrounding landscape in Virginia Beach.