Arrowhead Elementary School | Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Project Description

Arrowhead Elementary School has been serving the Kempsville area for nearly 40 years. Arrowhead Elementary School was a new school project constructed next to the existing Arrowhead Elementary School. The project site is a 22.9 acre forested peninsula located along the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River. The Arrowhead ES site was jurisdictional CBPA overlay property. Stormwater management was achieved by the development of a beautiful pond that was planted with aquatic plantings, native shrub buffers as well as understory and canopy native trees. CBPA RPA buffer mitigation plantings encompass all the drainage areas that exit rainwater into the river watershed. Additionally the forested peninsula was fully protected and maintained. Nature trails were strategically located amongst the existing trees to allow students to access the water. Science programs at the school have used the forested area for projects and experiments. While maintaining the mission and requirements of day to day life in the elementary school, Arrowhead ES was able to advance improvements of the runoff from the site. Water quality enhancements, pond development, CBPA buffer plantings, and the preservation of an entire forested peninsula served as a model to the community of environmental awareness.

After completion, the original building was removed in order to make way for the remaining site construction. This was a 9 million dollar project that encompassed at three year design and construction process. Virginia Beach City Public Schools selected WPL as part of the team to design a replacement for the previously aging facility.