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Origin of Character

Fifty years ago a man set out with a vision. He saw the world in metes and bounds and used his insights into the physical layout of our earth to single handedly start what has grown into a full service multi-disciplined design firm. That man, Wilfred P. Large, stuck with his vision and, through diligent hard work and character, kept his dream alive through the toughest of times.His creed of ambition, quality and success resonates throughout the 25+ employees here at WPL today. It can be seen in the planning, layouts and designs of municipal and institutional projects, local corridor and roadway projects, the accuracy of topographic surveys, and all the way to the detail given to a residential mortgage survey. At WPL we stand behind our work, just like Wilfred P. Large stood behind his dream.

From our founder, Wilfred P. Large

We believe every site is unique thus we tailor our approach accordingly. We go the extra mile, not many do. – Wilfred P Large

Who Is WPL Site Design

As deeply rooted members of the community, WPL pledges to be responsive, accountable, and dependable to the people and places around us. We are committed to lasting relationships. Synthesizing innovation, sustainability, and aesthetics into creative environments reveals the quality inherent in our designs.
With our diversity of people and services, we hold a measure on the past and a vision for the future. We are designing for land and life. This work is our passion and our legacy.
We provide a fully integrated “green” approach to the design process. Our sustainable philosophy combines art and science, resulting in the development of new and innovative concepts, which are then engineered to function in an efficient and cost effective manner.
We take great pride in our old fashioned work ethic and apply it to improving the design and implementation process. The benefits to our clients include creative design and quality service, tailored to their needs.
It is the policy of the Board of Directors of W.P. Large, Inc t/a WPL to provide the highest quality of consulting service in the practice of Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Landscape Architecture as defined by Section 54-1 of the Code of Virginia. Our mission is to serve all qualified clients in an equal and fair manner to ensure that the fullest intent of a client’s project is achieved.